Picking App Guide

Order List Picking Screen

API Documentation

Oauth2 A GET call is made to the client_id and redirect_uri as parameters.When this is successful, a parameter, “code”, is sent back in the URL, to the external serviceNext, the external service must execute a POST call to parameters: “client_id”, … Read More

Demo Videos

Demo manually importing orders and picking them on an Android Barcode Scanner

Android App

ANDROID The ScanOrders Android app allows you you log in on your Android Mobile Device. You can download it via the ScanOrders Dashboard iOS You can access the mobile responsive dashboard on any iOS device by logging into your account at: … Read More


Under the SETTINGS tab you can customize the picking interface. The options include Hide or Show BIN Location Order Number and Customer Name Customer Address Product Image There are also picking options: Allow user to PICK ALL– Enabling this allows … Read More

User Management

Users can be added and removed from your Team. The Users are the list of people who can import or pack orders. Depending on your plan you may be limited to how many users you can add. This is displayed … Read More

Importing Orders

Importing Orders can be completed via the IMPORT ORDERS tab. You can download a sample CSV file to ensure you format your imported CSV correctly. The columns can be in any order, as long as the headers match (names in … Read More

Adding Product Images

To enable the function to show a product image after you scan a barcode, you can upload the image of the product. You can perform this via the PRODUCT DATA tab. Name your product images as a JPG and give … Read More